Wednesday, August 27, 2014



স্বপন বসু

(--a young mind in the process of learning)

Post Graduate Engineer Struggling to learn Instrumentation & Control Engineering Globally in various Power and process plants including Offshore, Steel & Cement industry since 1979. As a natural symptom of Psychological disorder, I practised giving pain to a number of people in my profession internationally, through by publishing a few technical papers and delivering lecture.  May be,  by nature I am little soft so, they could tolerate me. At times I think that they might have applauded me or clapped just to pacify my emotions! They do not know what mistake they did!  with their pampering, I first attacked my first GURU in the profession. Through his kindness he tolerated my demand and both of us developed a professional technical book for Practising Engineers in fossil fuel power plants---- " Power Plant Instrumentation & Control Handbook" publisher : Elsevier ( Future will tell whether my psychological disorder is still there!

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